Pioneering a new generation of user authentication

image-block-authenticationCensorNet Multi-Factor Authentication (CensorNet MFA) improves security without sacrificing productivity. The solution is intuitive and convenient, so end users are happy to comply. Using contextual information to assess the threat level, it automatically adjusts the level of authentication needed.





Easy to Implement, manage and scale

image-block-installingCensorNet MFA is easy to install, deploy and administer, offering flexible policy driven administration to protect multiple platforms on a global scale. CensorNet MFA seamlessly integrates with remote access systems and cloud applications.





Prevents Security Breaches with Contextual Intelligence

CensorNet MFAimage-block-intelligence is real-time, session specific, and takes advantage of contextual information when validating the user, so protecting against identity theft and evolving cyber security threats.







Reduces Costs

image-block-costsWith a total cost of ownership typically half that of traditional solutions, CensorNet MFA offers an affordable multi-factor authentication solution that is highly secure, easy to deploy, manage and use.







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In addition to Multi-Factor Authentication, CensorNet offers:

  • Unified Security Services
  • Cloud Application Control
  • Web Security
  • Email Security
  • Desktop Monitoring
  • ICAP Servers
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