Advanced IT Solutions: Network Migration

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Network migration is perhaps one of the most difficult to accomplish advanced IT solutions. It requires attention, diligence, and an eye for detail. Getting it right is absolutely critical to ensure a smooth transition for your business and your customers. A sloppily done job can cost you innumerable amounts of time, money, and resources.

So, what exactly is a network migration? Typically it encompasses the movement of your operating environment from one service to another. It can include hardware, software, and often, both. New operating environments have to be checked and double-checked to ensure that all applications and features are still functional. Data preservation and organization is key. Let’s look at a couple of types of migration:

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration can mean one of two things: moving to a cloud-based service for the first time or switching from one cloud service to another. Often, cloud service providers have certain format and storage standards that must be met for the process to be a smooth one. That could be anything from a software program that acts as the “middleman” between your hardware and the cloud to compression of data into easier-to-handle pieces.

During the process of cloud migration, your data is vulnerable. Permissions have to be temporarily removed to allow the new cloud service to access your data. You may have to disable data encryption programs. During that time, you want to trust that the company handling the migration is respecting your right to privacy.

Data Migration

Migrating from one database to another is risky business. Many things that can go wrong in the process. Unfortunately, data migration is hard to avoid, if you want to stay at the top of your game. As database technology continues to improve, you’ll certainly feel the pressure to provide your business and your clients with the best that the tech world has to offer.

To put it in the simplest terms, imagine switching from a program like Excel to Google Sheets. Obviously, database migration for medium- and large-sized companies is an advanced IT solution that requires a far more complicated process than this, but it’s a familiar situation for many individuals and small businesses. While the bulk of your data will make the migration easily, formatting is going to be an issue, simply because Google Sheets isn’t Excel. There are going to be differences that will have to be fixed. If you’re dealing with huge amounts of data, it’s going to take hours of work. Of course, having your data online and in a collaborative work environment will pay off in the long run, but it’s a massive undertaking at the beginning.

The intention here is not to scare you out of seeking out network migration services. Instead, it’s to encourage you to work with experts who are knowledgeable about the right way to get it done. That’s where Verus comes in. Verus is known for our ability to help companies solve the problems associated with poorly performing outsourced network vendors. Companies choose us for network migration services because we are particularly sensitive to protecting them from the vulnerabilities of transitioning from vendor to vendor, and have proven experience in network design, architecture, and implementation—experience based on over 500 successful network installations.


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