VerusGuard Edge and Managed Office

VerusGuard Edge and VerusGuard Managed Office give you the hosted/on-premise hybrid solution you need for a single location, allowing you to focus on innovation and new business rather than your IT infrastructure.

The VerusGuard Edge/Managed Office solutions are meant to provide you with all the functionality you need, while combining a mixture of operational vs. capital expense, helping balance the cost for most organizations.

VerusGuard Edge provides you with monitoring and management of VerusGuard Monitoring Solution, a WatchGuard Firewall, a Cisco switch, a management box, and a wireless access point.

VerusGuard Managed Office includes all management and monitoring of Internet, a Verus Data Center Firewall, a Domain Controller On-Premise, a Domain Controller in the Verus Data Center, and a Backup Server in the Verus Data Center.

Add-on components to these offerings include the VerusGuard Hosted Wireless Solution, and the VerusGuard Managed Workstation offering. Each of these add-ons are meant to meet your unique needs.

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