Storage is one of the most critical elements of your network infrastructure. Disaster recovery and business continuity, regulatory compliance, data availability and other critical business functions all depend on a data storage environment designed to meet your future capacity requirements.

Verus gets storage right. Our experience ranges from small network-attached storage devices to large Storage Area Networks (SANs). In all of our work, we take an “enterprise” perspective, regardless of the size of your business. That means we look at your current and future network storage needs realistically and present you with options that may not necessarily be the lowest cost, but rather are sized to support your future growth and will help you avoid running into the brick wall of inadequate storage capacity.

The Right Servers & Network

Select the right servers and network storage infrastructure equipment from HP, Dell and other leading manufacturers. Verus has installed hundreds of storage servers and is careful to offer only the highest-quality products—only twice have we had to replace a server or other product that failed on installation.

The Right Plan

Develop and install on-premise back-up, replication and storage solutions for one or multiple sites, or a comprehensive hosted storage management in our secure data center. Verus ensures that data is protected and available when needed. And because we control the Cloud infrastructure and data center environment, we can offer more seamless and reliable service, as opposed to network infrastructure firms that rely on third-party ISPs and data centers.

The Right Storage

Develop the the right network storage environment to satisfy with heavy-duty compliance requirements such as SASE70, HIPPA, PCI and others.

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