Verus was founded in 2002 on the notion that meeting customer needs should be the primary goal. Our focus was on premise network solutions that were true, accurate and realistic for the customer. Now, Verus continues to evolve by offering co-location and hosted solutions that meet today’s business needs.

In today’s IT environment, many service providers prefer forcing you into an “all-you-can-eat” option even when it doesn’t match your needs.

At Verus, we prefer creating solutions that fix your problems. It seems like a simple idea, but it requires much more effort than the cookie cutter approach.


The reason Verus is able to do this is because of our people. Our technical engineers are experienced and seasoned, and they are passionate about what they do.

The company founders, who worked together in the telecom industry, created Verus because they were frustrated with the way the typical corporate environment worked. There would be no more of the “this is how we do it, because this is how we do it” mentality.


Verus has designed and installed over 1,000 networks, ranging from five users to large data centers with 5,000 users. Plus, we’ve worked with virtualization technologies since we began, which helps us understand which cloud type (public, private or hybrid) or traditional IT system best meets your needs.

Over 80% of our clients switched from another outsourced network infrastructure provider to us. We focus exclusively on installing and managing network infrastructure and are “agnostic” on how connectivity is achieved or where data is stored. This means we can accommodate migrations to any environment that meets your business needs.


This means we control connectivity and don’t rely on a third-party for internet or data access. We also manage the entire infrastructure pathway, from traditional IT networks (LANs and WANs) to the Cloud—an unusual experience combination that frees you from the biases of your existing infrastructure provider and the need for multiple vendors.

Verus established a data center at their Fridley headquarters in 2008. In 2015, Verus moved its primary data center from its facility in Fridley to the newly expanded Cologix Data Center at the 511 Building in Minneapolis – the heart and soul of data for Minnesota and the Midwest.

Shifting the Fridley data center to the role of a Disaster Recovery Hub offers the advantage of built-in redundancy between Fridley and the 511 building. Additionally, the Cologix partnership with Verus allows for reduced cross connects. Access to the Minnesota Internet Coop Exchange (MICE) reduces hops and latency, assuring the pinnacle of performance for applications.

A significant financial payback is possible through the Data Center Sales Tax Incentive Program. This allows you take advantage of a Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) directive to receive 20 years of sales tax relief at the Minnesota facility.


Verus is IPv6 ready. What does this mean? In short, Verus is on the cutting edge of the new Internet Protocol, which means better flexibility for IP addresses, improved security for your data, and faster speeds for your traffic.

IPv4 was built before the Internet was envisioned as the focal point of our world that it has become. But IPv6 was built from the ground up for that specific purpose, with both security and speed being considered.

And Verus is one of a handful of IT service providers who can give you that today, not tomorrow.


Imagine if you were able to get improved performance from your WAN with better security, without increased costs for bandwidth. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Verus is working with Intelligent WAN technology from Cisco that can detect traffic patterns in your WAN and re-route the data automatically along the best available path.

Between the plethora of IP addresses available in IPv6, and the smart routing WAN, you will be prepared for the future with mobile devices, cloud applications and high volume traffic like video.


Despite the fact that Verus is “agnostic” and not tied to any particular solution, we have forged strong relationships with vendors over the years. We aren’t tied to their solutions, but they trust us to implement their solutions.
Verus has been an expert partner with WatchGuard Technologies for over 15 years, and is one of just 12 companies worldwide to be named a platinum partner in 2015

Verus also has more certified technicians to install Tegile Systems SANs and flash storage arrays than any other company in the state of Minnesota.

In addition, Verus is a member of the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Program, as well as a Cisco Select Certified SMB. Verus is also a valued partner of Sophos, NovaStor, VEEAM and Ruckus Wireless.

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