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In 2015, Verus began the shift of moving its primary data center from its facility in Fridley to the Cologix Data Center at the 511 Building in Minneapolis – the heart and soul of data for Minnesota and the Midwest.

Cologix is the leading network neutral data center provider in Minnesota, and had already been the largest tenant at the renowned 511 building with approximately 25,000 square feet. Then in 2015, Cologix expanded with 28,000 new square feet of MIN3 Data Center space in the 511 building.

With Verus shifting the Fridley data center to the role of data recovery/backup, working with Verus allows you to take advantage of the built-in redundancy between Fridley and the 511 building. Additionally, the Cologix partnership with Verus allows for reduced cross connects and access to our networks.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of migrating to the Verus-Cologix Data Center space is the Data Center Sales Tax Incentive Program, which allows you take advantage of Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) directive to receive 20 years of sales tax relief at the Minnesota facility.

Given the depreciation cycles of hardware it may offer many opportunities to capitalize on a significant tax savings over the next twenty years.

Verus Minnesota Data Center Features:

  • Cabinet & Cage: Custom configurations.
  • Power: 13.8 KV Primary; 3 MW Utility Power to Site; 150 W Power Load Design (Per SQF); Primary 2N UPS & Generator; N+1 with Isolation Bypass Auto Transfer Switch.
  • Cooling: Perimeter CRAHs (N+1); 600 ton cooling capacity.
  • Connectivity: Most connected building in Minnesota; Carrier Neutral Data Center; Connectivity to MICE Peering Point; Access to 75+ Carriers/ISPs/ASPs.
  • Security: Biometric and 52 Keycard Access; Man traps; Closed circuit TV; 24/7 On-site guards.
  • For a fixed monthly fee, Verus can host some or all of your application needs on our own virtualized servers and other equipment. This eliminates your need for capital expenditures and expensive in-house IT support. You gain virtually all the scalability you’ll ever need.

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