VerusGuard Wireless Solution Pro

VerusGuard Wireless Solution allows you the ability to expand or contract your wireless network as necessary, without a large investment in capital expenses. This means you have the flexibility you need in your day-to-day business operations with a fixed monthly cost, while ensuring you have the technology available for people to do their jobs.

VerusGuard Wireless Solution utilizes cutting edge wireless technology, designed to work in an environment comprised of laptops, PCs, tablets and smart phones. The key to the VerusGuard Wireless Solution starts with the smart antenna system, known as BeamFlex. The smart antenna system delivers stable connectivity and higher performance, thanks to a combination of multiple high-gain polarized antenna elements with patented software algorithms.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to the VerusGuard Wireless Solution, outside of the technology, is the fact you that all you’ll need to do is receive the APs and install them. Then it’s simply plug and play. The rest is handled for you.

The management and maintenance of all the hardware and software will be taken care of as part of your contract for the hosted solution. So simplify your life with the VerusGuard Wireless Solution.

Some key features and benefits of VerusGuard Wireless Solution include:

  • Lower capital investment in your wireless network
  • No required maintenance or management controllers and APs
  • Flexibility for your network to match your ebbs and flows
  • Simplicity – VerusGuard Wireless Solution is plug and play

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