VerusGuard Multi-Factor Authentication Solution Pro

Protecting your company’s data has never been more important, and 76% of network intrusions use exploited weak or stolen credentials. And the size of your company doesn’t matter – in 2013, 31% of all targeted attacks were aimed at businesses with less than 250 employees.

VerusGuard Multi-Factor Authentication can help protect you through a simple but effective process. VerusGuard Multi-Factor Authentication is superior to traditional two-factor authentication because it’s not token-based, is not derived from a seed file, and is not susceptible to phishing, key logging, or mirroring.

Instead, VerusGuard Multi-Factor Authentication uses alpha-numeric codes that are session specific, challenge based, and not using a seed file that could be subjected to hacker’s attacks. It uses policy-driven technology to ensure security and ease of use. And most importantly, no token is needed, as it utilizes devices you already carry with you to deliver the codes.

The technology is highly scalable, which will allow you to grow as much as necessary. Additionally, advanced reporting helps you see the geo-location of all logons, as well as failed attempts (potential attacks).

VerusGuard Multi-Factor Authentication is the answer to protecting your data from hackers.

Some key features and benefits of VerusGuard Multi-Factor Authentication include:

  • Superior user experience
  • Makes security hassle-free and painless for the user
  • Prevents security breaches with contextual intelligence
  • Easy for IT to implement, manage and scale
  • Reduce costs and improved ROI

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