Verus sells, installs and supports HP, Dell and other servers that are sized to meet your specific needs today and as you grow, especially when it comes to virtualization. We only recommend servers that lead the industry in performance and reliability. For example, of the hundreds of servers we have installed, only two have failed upon implementation.

Our track record reflects our commitment to being honest and realistic with your needs. We don’t recommend “budget” solutions that seem like a good idea today but will cost you in terms of capacity, performance and reliability tomorrow. We will show you the trade-offs and sacrifices involved in choosing servers based on price, and only recommend servers that are capable of meeting all of your business or operational objectives.

And when it comes to support, Verus enjoys several distinct advantages over similar firms. As a partner with HP, Dell and other leading manufacturers, we work directly with server vendors to solve problems fast and streamline support issues. So you get the right servers sized to meet your requirements, and expedited “break/fix” support on those rare occasions when something goes wrong.

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