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VerusGuard Firewall Solution gives you the peace of mind to know what is happening with all of your data at any given time, without the worry of maintaining the hardware and software for it onsite. With the option of adding on specific modules, your VerusGuard Firewall Solution will stop zero-day malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) with ease.

As an added bonus to the VerusGuard Firewall Solution, know that the Verus team of engineers are among the most skilled and certified in the country at implementation and installation of this firewall solution. Which means you’ll be set up to your specifications, and won’t have to worry about the wrong settings leading to a data disaster.

The reporting engine will give you big data visibility to your network security. Businesses are drowning in oceans of data, including network security data, making it nearly impossible to identify important security issues and make better policy decisions. The impact on regulatory compliance status can be devastating.

VerusGuard Firewall resolves these challenges by instantly turning raw network data into actionable security intelligence – in the big data visualization style today’s users have come to expect. You can choose from more than 70 comprehensive reports, with the ability to pre-schedule reports for email delivery to key stakeholders in your organization. Options include summary and detail views, and special reports for HIPAA and PCI compliance. The Executive Report is a high-level summary tailored for C-level executives, IT directors, compliance officers, and small business owners.

Some key features and benefits of VerusGuard Firewall Solution include:

  • Packet filtering and intrusion prevention service
  • APT Blocker and LiveSecurity service
  • Application control and Reputation Enabled Defense
  • Data loss prevention and Gateway Anti Virus
  • spamBlocker and WebBlocker

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