Whether you are consolidating physical servers to virtual or considering a full scale Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment Verus can offer a single source for everything from planning to implementation. Virtualization is reshaping the way organizations use IT. Virtualization allows you to divide your IT needs among virtual rather than physical resources, and locate these services wherever it makes the most economic and operational sense – on premise, in the Cloud, or a combination of both.

Virtualization is a simple and compelling concept. Businesses have embraced virtualization with good reason, but there are many technological intricacies and pitfalls that often prevent businesses from getting full advantage from it.

Many business simply don’t have the IT knowledge or experience to understand, plan and implement properly designed virtualized systems. Planning and design of the virtualization/VDI solution is critical to providing a solution that will handle the loads placed on it by current and future application while maximizing the return on investment.

Verus has the level of expertise to help you avoid the mistakes and reap the full advantages of virtualization. We use virtualization extensively in our own data centers, from hosted Windows and Linux servers, Microsoft Exchange servers, and hosted desktops, Verus has extensive experience with planning and installing virtualized HP, Dell, Cisco and other servers for hundreds of clients.

Verus’ experience with VDI includes VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft. The mobility of VDI allows users to instantly work from anywhere, use the device and applications of their choice. Rapid deployment, ease of maintenance, and monitoring are also main drivers of VDI. Verus can help you choose the right VDI solution to meet your needs.

Trust Verus to guide you through the infrastructure virtualization and/or VDI process from start to finish, including selecting the right hardware, software and platform to match your needs; or whether to deploy on premise, Cloud-based or a hybrid solution.

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