Enterprise Storage Shifts Lead to Creative Solutions

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It’s no secret that storage demands are getting bigger and bigger. Even at an individual user level, we are creating more, sharing more, and saving more than ever. Individuals and businesses alike are searching for easy, efficient, and affordable solutions to their continually growing stores of data. Consequently, enterprise storage companies are facing even more challenges as they attempt to handle everything that their clients throw at them.

This has led to innovation and creative management that covers all the bases the right data center should provide. 

Check out how these surprising trends in enterprise storage:

Cloud-Based Storage

In an April 2019 survey conducted by Leonovus, a company specializing in multi-cloud services, 78% of respondents are planning or implementing their cloud storage strategy. Using cloud storage at an enterprise level is going far beyond simply uploading documents to a cloud storage provider or paying for a managed storage provider. 

Instead, there is a broader focus on running entire enterprise software suites from the cloud, allowing businesses to use older, slower machines to conduct business. Further, companies are coming up with creative ways to split the difference between private management for applications and a less expensive public cloud for backing up everyday data.

Automation and AI

Creativity in business takes serious brainpower, teamwork, and focus. If companies want to dedicate more of their time building up their company, they have to spend less time doing routine, tedious tasks that could be handled through an automated system. 

AI and automation practices have come a long way. These tools can now complete complicated, manual tasks that would have taken a whole team of dedicated workers ten years ago. Now, those same people can work on more specialized applications of their skills or shift to revenue-building and sales.

The cloud and AI go hand-in-hand. Without cloud storage capabilities, the massive amounts of data processes that are required for AI to run wouldn’t be possible. Without AI, cloud storage can quickly become unorganized, unmonitored, corrupted, or worse. Cloud-specific automation gives users the ability to find, sort, and solve problems without the need for a job role dedicated to monitoring your data. It provides peace of mind and a hefty ROI by aiding in the prevention of data leaks

Serious Cybersecurity Efforts

With every new advancement in technology comes the question of whether or not it is secure. Unlike storage systems of the past, cloud services are basically immune to hardware failure. But, they are not impervious to those seeking to gain illegitimate access to the data they contain. Ramping up cybersecurity, and tailoring it for this bold, new world, is the only solution. 

Products and services like VerusGuard Solution Suite hit all the right buttons, balancing your financial bottom line with power tools that allow you to stay on top of the latest and greatest in enterprise storage. 

It’s the comprehensive hub of IT solutions that combines network monitoring, antivirus, and firewall security systems with cloud-based data backup, virtual servers, and the other infrastructure you need to keep your data safe. 

VerusGuard Solution Suite is a robust, scalable, and secure all-in-one solution to the constantly shifting sands of enterprise storage.


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