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The commercial construction contracting industry has seen significant growth in tech adoption over the past decade. Job sites have evolved to become incredibly advanced and connected IT environments demanding mobility and accessibility. Increasingly construction companies have developed a critical reliance on sophisticated IT solutions tailored to their industry.

Based on their typically large distributed workforce and vast scope of client and vendor connections, construction companies face a unique complexity in maintaining open channels of data sharing and communication while also prioritizing security. Varying physical locations and the constantly changing data connections they require only add to the complexity. Some firms have created modular tech packages that can be deployed in any of the common job environments reducing many of the common frustrations. Constant on-site connectivity enables the use of collaboration technologies seamlessly connecting site and office teams.

Based on equipment rental data, drone usage within the construction industry has grown at a 239% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Drones along with other IoT devices such as wearables, and robots have further pushed the job sites’ reliance on technology. Drones are commonly used for real-time onsite security reducing labor costs and minimizing theft. Drones also allow for quick mapping of large areas over vast distances resulting in areal imagery, heatmaps, and thermal imagery. These recent advances in drone software allow for faster decision-making and more efficient job sites.

Wireless sensors and trackers embedded in apparel and personal protection equipment are also becoming more common enabling improved job site safety. Examples are wi-fi-enabled work boots and watches that can create an alert when an employee has fallen along with connected hard hats that can detect fatigue and heat exhaustion.

The commercial construction industry presents many IT challenges and competition can be fierce. Today’s firms must be aware of all new advancements in tech and how they can leverage tech for efficiency, safety, and a competitive edge. And that edge requires seamless connectivity, uptime, and security. Partnering with an IT services company that understands this unique environment can give you that edge. Contact us to learn more about how we can help bring it all together for your firm.

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