Kick Off 2019 with Increased Cybersecurity Services

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The New Year is approaching, and that means it’s the perfect time to make the resolution to increase your cybersecurity services. With the seemingly never-ending lineup of security threats and hackers threatening businesses in new and more dangerous ways, 2019 is the year to commit to evading and protecting your most precious business assets with increased cybersecurity services.

Here are just a few of the resolutions you can keep with the help of Verus Corp:

1. I will commit to backing all files up to the cloud. Verus has a wide range of cloud solutions available to meet your needs. From full-fledged hosting on a private cloud, to a piecemeal approach on a hybrid cloud, Verus has a solution to match your IT requirements as well as your IT budget.

2. I will increase the number security layers I currently have to better protect my business. The more layers of security – on the perimeter, inside the network, and at the user level – the better protected you will be. Verus offers specific IT security products to help protect your valuable data, and is also provides IT Security Audits of your networks to help recommend specific things you can do to better secure your infrastructure.

3. I will bolster my security measures with multifactor authentication. Protect yourself against phishing and
fraud with multiple login checkpoints. Verus has partnered with WatchGuard for this offering, as they are leading the pack in providing solutions that efficiently and effectively protect your company with their AuthPoint MFA product.

4. I will find a network monitoring program that is robust and comprehensive. Many existing network monitoring solutions are cobbled-together point solutions designed to address particular problems without regard to related issues. They often lack integration and are hard to support. VerusGuard Pro, our hosted network monitoring and management solution, solves these problems and gives you the entire picture of how you network is running in one central view—from network traffic to application performance to device events.

5. I will stay up to date on the latest in cybersecurity by subscribing to Verus Insider. Our once monthly publication puts you in the loop with helpful hints, useful content, and access to our ebooks. It’s the perfect way to ensure that you’re keeping on track with your cybersecurity measures.

Make the resolution to protect yourself and your business with Verus Corp. You can follow along on our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for more cybersecurity news, or get in touch directly to discuss the IT solutions that will work best for your company.

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