Transitioning to Virtualization Technology Before the New Year

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It’s no secret that virtualization technology is making major strides for large and small businesses alike. Boasting big benefits like reduced IT costs and increased productivity, virtualization is much more than a tech trend. It’s a paradigm shift that stands to become the standard sooner rather than later.

So, what exactly do we mean by virtualization? Simply put, it’s the industry practice of using virtual machines to store data, manage accounts, and run applications. In the past, many individual servers were needed to run and maintain all of the various server-based needs for a company. A single operating system required its own  complete hardware setup, including:

  • Processors
  • Memory
  • Graphics
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Peripherals, such as monitors, keyboards, and mice

With virtualization technology, a single hardware setup can emulate any operating system that is has been granted access to, greatly reducing your need for physical capital.

Benefits of Virtualization

According to a 2011 IDC study on the benefits of virtualization technology, companies who made the change saw a 40% reduction in hardware and software costs. Making the commitment to transition for the new year is a valuable commodity for your business and your clients. Companies who switched to virtualization noted benefits such as:

  1. Improved disaster recovery. If and when something goes wrong, you’ll get back on your feet much faster with virtual servers. Virtualization technology quickly and efficiently completes storage tasks, and any system worth its salt will have a failover plan ready before a crisis hits.
  2. A smaller energy footprint. Powering and cooling multiple servers takes a toll on your energy bill. Reducing hardware means reducing the cost to maintain them.
  3. Big boosts to productivity. When your IT department can spend less time worrying about maintaining physical servers and more time providing tech trainings and monitoring traffic, you’re guaranteed are more secure and productive department.

If you’re interested in transitioning to virtualization technology before the new year, Verus Corp can help. We work with valuable partners, like Cisco, to provide our clients with the skills and infrastructure necessary to take the next big step in IT solutions.

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