WatchGuard 2023 Security Predictions

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Every year, the WatchGuard Threat Lab team likes to dust off the crystal ball and predict the way cyber threats and information security will evolve going forward. They base their forecasts on quantifiable trends on what they’ve seen in the past, they also take the opportunity to extrapolate the more futuristic and dystopian cyber outcomes that might occur if attackers were left unchecked. In the end, their goal is to share how defenders must adjust to ensure we avoid the worst outcomes.

Watch the webinar, where Corey Nachreiner, CSO, and Marc Laliberte, security operations manager, discuss what cybersecurity and threats will look like in the next year and ways to defend your business. Topics they discuss:

  • Notable security industry trends, like cyber insurance changes, will have large impacts on companies focused on various vertical industries
  • Evolutions of attacks surround artificial intelligence, ranging from robotaxis to coding
  • Possibilities for futuristic, cutting-edge cyberattacks and their consequences, such as hacks in the Metaverse

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