WatchGuard Firebox Cloud Protects Azure and AWS with Unified Threat Management

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Businesses and organizations are quickly turning to cloud infrastructure to build, run and manage mission-critical workloads anywhere.

In fact, Microsoft reported a greater than doubling year-over-year of Azure cloud deals exceeding $100mm in their last quarter as they witnessed consumption growth across every industry, customer segment, and geography. The cloud is growing fast.

According to data provided by Statista, total cloud revenue is expected to nearly reach $600bn in 2023 representing a 20% CAGR. This encompasses business processes, platform, infrastructure, software, management, security, and advertising services delivered by public cloud services.

Public cloud services end-user spending worldwide from 2017 to 2023

A public cloud is a cloud deployment model that offers computing services over the internet. The physical hardware of this cloud model is shared by multiple companies. The services offered to customers include storage, bandwidth, or CPU cycles.


The growth in cloud utilization is primarily driven by Software as a service (SaaS) spending with revenues of around 249 billion U.S. dollars. This growth is a result of organizations across the world replacing their legacy business applications with SaaS applications that are more data-driven and a more appropriate fit for modern cloud architectures. Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) round out the totals.

While it is widely reported that Amazon Web Services (AWS) still controls the majority market share at 33%, Microsoft’s Azure growth rate has exceeded AWS’s for some time creating incredible competition. In fact, a recent survey by Statista across 819 IT professionals found that Microsoft’s Azure claimed the top spot with 67% percent utilizing the service. Another key takeaway from the survey was the percentage of respondents not using any form of cloud dropped to four percent in 2021 from eight percent in 2020.

“Digital technology is a deflationary force in an inflationary economy. Businesses – small and large – can improve productivity and the affordability of their products and services by building tech intensity. The Microsoft Cloud delivers the end-to-end platforms and tools organizations need to navigate this time of transition and change.”

Satya Nadella, Microsoft chairman and CEO

Businesses will continue migrating services from on-premises servers into the cloud. Email servers, web servers, customer relationship management systems (CRM), and file storage are migrating to public cloud services. With so much sensitive data moving to the cloud, security is essential. Cloud providers maintain their cloud infrastructure security but they make it clear that securing your assets in the cloud is your responsibility.

WatchGuard’s Firebox Cloud allows network administrators to extend their security perimeter to the cloud and protect servers running within a public cloud environment.

WatchGuard Firebox Cloud brings the protection of WatchGuard’s leading Firebox Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances to public cloud environments. Firebox Cloud can quickly and easily be deployed to protect a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) from attacks such as botnets, cross-site scripting, SQL injection attempts, and other intrusion vectors.

  • Quickly and easily protect VPCs from attacks such as botnets, cross-site scripting, SQL injection attempts, and other intrusion vectors.
  • Save time with a streamlined UI built for each cloud platform
  • Simplify the process of establishing secure connections to your public cloud environment
  • Increase visibility with WatchGuard’s Dimension the leading network visibility solution


WatchGuard Firebox Cloud is uniquely architected to be the industry’s smartest, fastest, and most effective network security products, WatchGuard solutions deliver in-depth defenses
against advanced malware, ransomware, botnets, trojans, viruses, drive-by
downloads, data loss, phishing, and much more.

Whether you are new to your cloud deployment or looking to secure your existing services, we are here to help.

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