CyGlass Brings AI-based Network Detection and Response (NDR) to WatchGuard

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Network security provider WatchGuard recently acquired CyGlass Technology Services, an emerging player in AI-powered network defense solutions. This strategic acquisition augments WatchGuard’s portfolio with advanced threat detection and response capabilities.

WatchGuard is integrating CyGlass’s AI and behavioral analytics into its Unified Security Platform. This will empower businesses to identify and defend against sophisticated cyber attacks targeting hybrid network environments.

What is CyGlass’s Technology?

Founded in 2016, CyGlass has developed an intelligent Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution that uncovers network anomalies indicative of emerging threats. It combines continuous monitoring, machine learning algorithms, and behavioral analysis to establish normal traffic patterns. Any deviations get flagged for further investigation.

What is NDR?

Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions take a proactive approach to finding in-progress threats inside network activities by using behavioral analytics and continuous monitoring. This allows organizations to hunt for malicious activity that may evade traditional perimeter defenses. CyGlass’s NDR will become a core component of WatchGuard’s platform.

NDR platforms utilize machine learning algorithms to establish a baseline of normal network behavior. Any anomalous activity gets flagged for security teams to investigate. NDR provides the internal threat visibility many organizations lack.

While large enterprises have used NDR for years, adoption among midsize companies is accelerating as attacks become more advanced. Tight budgets previously deterred these organizations, but new cost-effective NDR offerings from vendors like WatchGuard are lowering barriers to entry.

NDR differs from prevention-focused tools like firewalls by focusing on threat detection and response rather than just blocking known bad actors. NDR solutions also provide more insightful network visibility than traditional monitoring tools like SIEMs.

Accelerating XDR Capabilities

Though NDR has overlapping capabilities with other detection and response solutions like EDR and XDR, its specialized focus on network activity fills a critical gap. NDR can feed network signals into broader platforms like WatchGuard’s XDR to enrich threat investigations. NDR remains a vital capability complementing other modern security tools.

WatchGuard will integrate CyGlass NDR with its existing endpoint detection and response capabilities to provide strengthened XDR. XDR correlates signals across networks, endpoints, clouds, and other data sources to uncover stealthy attacks.

CyGlass will enhance WatchGuard’s ThreatSync platform by contributing network visibility and AI-assisted investigations. Customers gain a unified view of their security posture across the extended environment.

Compliance and Reporting

The network behavioral insights produced by CyGlass will also help WatchGuard customers demonstrate compliance with regulations like PCI, DSS, and HIPAA. The platform generates reports that prove appropriate safeguards and due diligence are in place.

Many companies also leverage these types of tools to receive more favorable cyber insurance policies. Insurers require rigorous controls for underwriting.

Better Defenses for Hybrid Networks

As organizations adopt hybrid networks combining on-premises and cloud infrastructure, they need security solutions that bridge both worlds. The addition of CyGlass lets WatchGuard protect complex hybrid environments more intelligently through an open XDR strategy.

WatchGuard’s open XDR framework enables integration with third-party security tools to centralize visibility, detection, and response across diverse environments. By ingesting telemetry from endpoints, networks, clouds, and more, WatchGuard provides unified protection across hybrid infrastructure.

With the addition of CyGlass, customers gain increased visibility and control regardless of where assets and applications reside. This allows faster threat detection and response across the extended enterprise. The open XDR approach future-proofs WatchGuard’s platform as networks evolve.

WatchGuard continues to pioneer advanced security services for the midmarket. Customers gain AI-enhanced network threat discovery, compliance reporting, and XDR improvements setting WatchGuard apart in the crowded security market. Contact us to learn more about how NDR and open XDR can better protect your business.

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