Dell EMC and Tegile: How They Stack Up

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More and more companies are seeking out storage solutions that offer flexibility, affordability, and lightning-fast access to data. Two of the most popular brands, Dell EMC and Tegile, offer all-flash array systems. But which should you choose?

What is an AFA?

An all-flash array is a type of solid-state storage system that works only with a flash memory drive. It does away with the spinning hard-drive disks, offering users more efficient access to their data. It received its name because the blocks of data could be erased, accessed, and created “in a flash.”

In effort to save time and labor, some businesses opt for a hybrid system that incorporates some flash array systems and some HDD storage systems. It allows for a budgeted integration of an all-flash array, wherein the disk drives can be replaced as budget allows.

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing hybrid or HDD storage system, an all-flash array is the best option for those who are seeking out a full bandwidth performance and lower latency when it comes time to read and access your data.

Tegile Comes Out on Top

Not every all-flash array is created equal. Dell EMC was the preferred system when flash arrays first came into the market. For that reason, Dell EMC systems often use older architecture retrofitted for flash capabilities. Tegile is built for flash storage from the ground up, offering low latency and higher economic value.

Tegile also allows incorporates the same storage OS and architecture for each of their systems, whereas Dell EMC has different systems for different workloads. The Tegile systems allow you to add or remove storage space to any system without concern over compatibility issues. Tegile brings flexibility and affordability to the table.

Finally, the cost of ownership for a Tegile is a clear advantage over Dell EMC systems. Tegile offers an all-inclusive license that grants you access to all features, as well as the Lifetime Storage Program. You’ll also have options when it comes time to upgrade. Dell EMC storage systems only offer add-on licensing, as well as renewal costs and few upgrade options.

There’s a clear advantage, and Tegile comes out on top. That’s why Verus Corp is a proud partner. Tegile helps your organization consolidate all of your workloads onto a single flash platform. Built on a fast, flexible architecture, Tegile IntelliFlash Arrays seamlessly support different grades of storage media, intelligently managing the placement of data to maximize performance and capacity. Get in touch to learn more about what storage solutions Verus has for you and your business!

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