SD-WAN Adoption and Benefits [Pulse Survey]

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Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) has emerged as an alternative solution for provisioning and optimizing distributed IT networks. SD-WAN uses the internet to send traffic between networks, controlled by centralized software, or to provision new networks at the edge. This enables zero-touch provisioning (ZTP), allowing non-technical end-users to easily access IT services and apps. Businesses can connect old hardware and software into SD-WAN networks and dynamically optimize network traffic when needed, reducing latency (so long as there’s a reliable internet connection). With so many promised benefits, are IT leaders deploying SD-WAN in their organizations?

Pulse surveyed over 150 IT decision-makers to understand:

  • Rates of SD-WAN adoption and the perceived benefits of deployment
  • The top use cases and technical objectives SD-WAN solves for
  • Why IT leaders might choose one SD-WAN product over another.


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