Strong Endpoint Protection with WatchGuard EPP

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In the ongoing battle to defend your organization, the endpoint is a favorite target for cybercriminals. This means that it is more important than ever to protect and monitor all endpoints that handle sensitive information and connect to systems both inside and outside the corporate network.

In fact, last year over 350,000 new malicious programs were being registered every day. Hackers are targeting vulnerable endpoints, where enterprises store their most valuable assets. The reason? As is so often the case, for economic gain. Malware and ransomware have become some of the most prevalent threats, although paradoxically, the direct costs are not the main problem – rather, it is the downtime they cause. This is forcing enterprises to adopt measures to improve their security posture.


The increasing exposure of companies to new types of malware and threats endangers their security posture, requiring new approaches to help reduce the impact of possible attacks.

WatchGuard EPP is an effective Cloud-native security solution that centralizes next-generation antivirus for all your Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops, laptops, and servers, in addition to the leading virtualization systems and Android devices. This complete protection covers all vectors: network (firewall), email, web, and external devices.

It includes a set of EPP technologies to prevent malware, ransomware, and the latest threats. One of these technologies checks in real-time the WatchGuard Threat Intelligence, a huge repository being fed by the latest machine-learning algorithms, to detect malicious attacks faster.

Moreover, there is no need to maintain hardware and software. Its lightweight agent has no impact on endpoint performance, simplifying security management and increasing operational efficiency.


Multiplatform Security

  • Security against unknown advanced threats: detects and blocks malware, trojans, phishing, and ransomware.
  • Security for all attack vectors: browsers, email, file systems, and external devices connected to endpoints.
  • Automatic analysis and disinfection of computers.
  • Behavioral analysis to detect known and unknown malware.
  • Cross-platform security: Windows systems, Linux, macOS, Android, and virtual environments (VMware, Virtual PC. MS Hyper-V, Citrix).
  • Management of licenses belonging to both persistent and non-persistent virtualization infrastructure (VDI).

Simplify Management

  • Easy to maintain: no specific infrastructure is required to host the solution; the IT department can focus on more important tasks.
  • Easy to protect remote users: each computer protected with WatchGuard EPP communicates with the Cloud; remote offices and users are protected quickly and easily, with no additional installations.
  • Easy to deploy: multiple deployment methods, with automatic uninstallers for competitors’ products to facilitate rapid migration from third-party solutions.
  • Smooth learning curve: intuitive, simple web-based management interface, with most-frequently-used options one click away.

Lower Impact on Performance

  • The agent has minimal network, memory, and CPU usage since all operations are performed in the Cloud.
  • WatchGuard EPP requires no installation, management, or maintenance of new hardware resources in the organization’s infrastructure


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