Small Business IT Services: The Bare Necessities

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In the beginning, opening a small business can feel like one expense after another. That’s no excuse to slack on partnering with small business IT service. In fact, ensuring you’re protected and secure from online attacks and network hacking can save you money and trouble in the long run.

You can almost think about small business IT services as insurance for your technology. Investing now will pay dividends in preventing potential threats that could put your business at stake. When first starting out, there are a few “bare necessities” that you need from your IT service provider. Once your business is bringing in a steady income, you can upgrade.

Network security is essential. So many small businesses make the mistake of thinking that they fly under the radar of hackers, but that’s not the case. According to WatchGuard, over two thirds of small businesses have no IT staff dedicated to cyber security, yet small businesses continue to account for over half of the breaches seen every year.

Don’t let yourself become a victim. Implement the most reliable security measures you can afford from the beginning, and upgrade as profits allow you to do so. Work with a trusted managed security provider to learn more about packages and programs that get small business owners off to a good start on cybersecurity.

Prepaid support blocks are like insurance for your network, and they often come at a lower cost than on-demand support. For example, Verus offers prepaid blocks of support at a significant discount. For instance, ifyou buy 100 hours of prepaid support, and you’ll save up to $2000 over our standard hourly rates. With Verus, prepaid support can be used at any time—nights, weekends, even holidays. This ensures that you’re always online when you need to be and that you have a cushion of support hours ready to help you avoid unexpected expenses.

Database management ensures that your customers can continue to trust your business to protect their information. If you store any payment information, personal identifiers, or private data on your servers, you must ensure that these databases are well-managed, organized, and secure. If you choose to implement database management as one of your small business IT services, your provider will provide a valuable safety net for your information.


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