Are VDI Solutions the Right Fit for Your Company?

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VDI, or virtual desktop infrastructure, is an alternative to traditional computing systems. Instead of an individual machine hosting an operating system, applications, and programs, a server hosts a desktop image for a device on the network.

This flexibility allows for greater productivity and efficiency, as users can work anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Persistent and Non-Persistent VDI

You have two options to choose from when setting up your VDI program: persistent and non-persistent.

Persistent creates an individual desktop image for each user of a device. These can be customized and formatted to individual needs, which can be saved and accessed next time the user requires the desktop image.

Non-persistent doesn’t allow the benefits of customization, but it cuts down on server space use. Instead of having an individual desktop for each user, a pool of desktops is created with standard operating and formatting procedures. These can be accessed as needed, and they revert back to their original state once the program is shut down.

The Benefits of VDI

Desktop virtualization presents major benefits to companies who find that their hardware is becoming obsolete, or are looking to cut spending on new devices.

With VDI, you can greatly extend the life of your devices. Very little computing is done on these virtual desktop images because all the processing is done on the virtual desktop OS running in the data center, which means that older or less powerful machines can be repurposed as VDI clients.

VDI also offers robust security options. If hardware is stolen from your business, no data is available to breach. VDI endpoint devices don’t store information, which means that you are keeping your business and your clients safe from possible cyber-attacks and information thieves.

Citrix, one of our valued partners, has this to say about the flexibility of VDI: “VDI enables customers to streamline management and costs by consolidating and centralizing the desktops while delivering end-users mobility and the freedom to access virtual desktops anytime, from anywhere, on any device.”


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