Are Your Cloud Security Solutions Tailored to Your Business?

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Every business is unique– why shouldn’t their cloud security solutions be unique too? If you’re currently working with a cybersecurity firm that offers one-size-fits-all plans, chances are that you are overpaying for security you don’t need at the expense of services you do need.

What is Cloud Storage Security?

Anything that you store on the cloud, from data to applications, needs to be protected with the same diligence as solid state storage. Whether you’re working with public, private, or hybrid cloud storage, the protocols and procedures for security should be iron-clad and adapted to fit your data needs.

While all cloud storage solutions offer some level of security, not all are made equal. Public cloud storage especially is vulnerable to leaks, attacks, and availability issues that can bring your business computing to a grinding halt.

A solid cloud security program helps you ensure that your data is safe, that you can see incoming attacks before they happen, and that you can immediately respond to security concerns. Fortunately, in most cases, cloud computing is safer than traditional storage options. Data is encrypted, access is constantly monitored, and two-factor authentication measures are the default login environment.

So why do some companies charge more?

Tailored Plans for Your Unique Needs

Most public clouds, like AWS and Azure, force you into cloud architecture structures that blow through your budget before you know what hit you. Not only are you charged for the number of data “blocks” that you’re using, but you may also be charged for the number of times you access your data and anytime you move your data out of or into the cloud.

In some cases, like with Amazon’s S3 Glacier, you pay for how quickly you need to access the data in the archive. They seem like an affordable option at first glance, charging only 4 cents/gig/month, but the mitigating factors are the pay-for-retrieval plans that range from a few minutes to 12 hours. Costs can quickly add up.

Tailored, hybrid options are better on your budget and provide more peace of mind than public cloud storage services. In this model, both private and public cloud services are utilized. In a hybrid cloud network, businesses manage some resources in-house and have others provided externally.

The hybrid cloud network approach allows a business to take advantage of the scalability and cost-effectiveness that a public cloud-computing environment offers without exposing mission-critical applications and data to third-party vulnerabilities.

Hybrid cloud networks offer an ideal blend of the cost-savings and convenience of cloud computing with the control and security of on-premise computing.


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