Who is the Top Cisco Distributor in Minneapolis?

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If you’re hunting around for the most efficient and most secure cybersecurity company, Cisco is a great place to start. As a top Cisco distributor in Minneapolis, Verus Corp can provide local service with big business resources. It pays to work with a distributor.

The Distributor Advantage

While true that Cisco does offer superior customer service, there’s nothing quite like the attention and devotion that a smaller distributor can provide. We take care of our customers because we value every client that we encounter.

We take the time to build a relationship with you and to deeply understand the needs of your company before we suggest a cybersecurity solution.

We have been committed to IT security since the beginning of our journey. We partner with leaders in the field and vendors who have proven their dedication to service time and again. Those partnerships include Platinum Partner status in the WatchGuard One Partner Program, and being the first Cisco Select Partner in the nation.

Verus Corp believes that the more layers of security – on the perimeter, inside the network, and at the user level – the better protected you will be. We offer our clients IT security products tailored to the needs of your particular data and company structure. You won’t find us offering a cookie cutter approach to protecting your valuable assets. We use IT Security Audits to create a plan perfectly crafted to meet your needs.

Verus Corp designs, implements and supports networks that meet the highest standards for data, firewall, and connectivity security. You won’t find another top Cisco distributor in Minneapolis who can offer you such a personally customized program for protection.

We’ve been working with medium- and large-sized companies for nearly two decades. In that time, we’ve created a culture and customer service program that reflects the mission our business set out to accomplish: to maintain a business that is always true – to itself and its employees, and to its customers and business partners. We hope that you’ll join us as a customer and find out for yourself what we have to offer.


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