Tech Guides: Using Your Hosted Firewall Solution

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In this week’s tech guide, we’re going to take a peek at what makes a hosted firewall solution such a valuable asset to the security of your business network. It constantly works to protect your business from unwanted access and keeps your network online without fear of threats affecting your productivity.

What Is a Hosted Firewall Solution?

We recently shared a little bit about what a hosted firewall is and how it functions in your company. You can recap on that blog post here. For a little background information, you should know that hosted firewall solutions are constantly monitored security protocol, hosted and watched by an outside company.

Working with an external firewall manager majorly reduces the time between detection of the problem and troubleshooting. Because the network is being monitored 24/7, problems often appear to the technicians before they begin affecting your work. That means less downtime and more efficiency.

Choosing the Right Package for Your Business

In most cases, hosted firewall solutions take 1 of 2 forms: premises-based or cloud-based. Some companies, like Verus Corp, even offer hybrid options that fit your needs perfectly, depending on the kind of service that you’re looking for.

Premises-based firewalls allow for truly secure, end-to-end VPN protection. With cloud-based security service, data has to pass through your host’s “cloud” before traveling back into the VPN tunnel. While true that the information remains encrypted during this time, it’s not a true “VPN experience” when using cloud-based security.

Cloud does have its benefits, though. For example, it is highly scalable, and the total cost of ownership is typically much lower than a premises-based solution. Generally, there is little to no need to upgrade or add new hardware to enjoy the benefits of cloud-hosted security. Instead, you can pick a bandwidth plan that is appropriate for your business and upgrade as needed.

Many existing network monitoring solutions are cobbled-together point solutions designed to address particular problems without regard to related issues. They often lack integration and are hard to support. VerusGuard, our hosted network monitoring, and management solution, solves these problems and gives you the entire picture of how your network is running in one central view—from network traffic to application performance to device events.

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