Verus CEO Kevin Willette chimes in on WatchGuard Purchase of Percipient Networks

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In an article that ran on CRN’s website on January 17, 2018, highlighting WatchGuard’s purchase of Percipient Networks to fortify it’s malware protection capabilities with SMBs, Verus CEO Kevin Willette was interviewed for his reaction to the news.

In the article detailing the acquisition of Percipient by WatchGuard, Willette was asked about his opinion on the move by WatchGuard:

Verus CEO Kevin Willette likened WatchGuard’s deal to Cisco’s August 2015 purchase of DNS resolution service provider OpenDNS, and said that acquisition has provided the Coon Rapids, Minn.-based solution provider with additional traction in the DNS filtering space.

Willette is pleased to hear that WatchGuard will be bringing a similar offering to market and that the DNS filtering capabilities will be rolled into the company’s advanced services bundle.

“It should be really awesome,” Willette told CRN. “We’re looking forward to it.”

To read the article in it’s entirety, please click here. Willette’s part of the interview is on page two.

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