Verus CEO Kevin Willette discusses MSSP demands for automated security solutions for SMBs in Channel Futures article

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In an article that ran on Channel Futures’ website on April 5, 2018, highlighting the demands of MSSPs looking for automated security solutions, Verus CEO Kevin Willette was interviewed for his opinions on the subject.


In the article detailing the trends in the MSSP market for security solutions for SMBs, Willette talked about his perceptions:


The customer demand for managed security services is also driving convergence of traditional resellers and agents, which are used to selling products that are licensed for a few years from a “set and forget” mindset, with traditional MSPs that default to wrapping everything into a monthly service component. Kevin Willette, CEO of MSSP Verus Corp., says that managed security platforms are bringing those two models together, making sure the hardware and network are taken care of while also creating a more consistent flow and operating budget. If not exactly a Kumbaya moment, it’s kinda sweet to see partners borrowing from each others’ business models.

“You definitely can’t have an offering that would have any potential for configuration sharing between multiple customers,” says Willette. “You look at the overall picture of how the manufacturers have looked at putting together a program, and [they all have] different ways of deploying, supporting and pushing out patches across a wide range of MSP customers with different needs and different hardware appliances and software subscriptions.”


To read the article in it’s entirety please click here.


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