WatchGuard 2024 Cybersecurity Predictions

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It’s time for the WatchGuard year-end security predictions! The predictions are always a fun way to end the year and ponder what security implications the new year might bring.

WatchGuard’s 2023 predictions were a fascinating mix of cybersecurity foresight, touching on increased security demands from insurers, the need for cybersecurity evaluation in business partnerships, potential Metaverse hacks, sophisticated attacks on MFA systems, robotaxi hacks, and AI tool vulnerabilities.

For 2024, they anticipate intriguing developments: exploitation of Large Language Models for data leaks, MSPs leveraging automated security platforms, a rise in AI-powered spear phishing tools, AI-based vishing, VR/MR headset vulnerabilities, and significant QR code hacks.

For a more detailed read, you can check the full predictions for 2023 and 2024.

1. Manipulation of Large Language Models (LLMs): This prediction involves the misuse of LLMs by prompt engineers to extract private data, a concerning development considering the widespread use of these models.

2. Rise in Managed Security Services: Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are expected to increasingly use automated platforms for security services, reflecting a shift in how cybersecurity is managed.

3. AI-powered Spear Phishing Tools: The dark web may see a surge in the sale of sophisticated spear phishing tools powered by AI, making targeted attacks more dangerous and harder to detect.

4. AI-based Vishing Attacks: These attacks involve the use of AI to create more believable and effective voice phishing campaigns, posing a significant threat to unwary individuals.

5. Exploitation of VR/MR Headsets: There’s an anticipation of VR/MR headsets being hacked to recreate and exploit user environments, a new frontier in cyber threats.

6. QR Code Hacks: A major cybersecurity incident is expected to arise from the misuse of QR codes, which have become ubiquitous in our daily transactions.

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