4 Pitfalls in the Way of Digital Transformation

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When it comes to running a successful business, going digital is no longer an option. Customers and clients expect to be able to find you online, whether it’s for reviews, support, or shopping. If you’re still dragging your heels, you’re doing a disservice to yourself and to your ability to reach consumers. Adapting and evolving through digital transformation is an absolute necessity. 

So, what is it exactly? 

Because a digital transformation looks different depending on the company, the definition is a bit of a moving target. For some, it involves upgrading pre-existing devices and networks to deliver services faster. For others, it’s a complete rework of how business is done. No matter what measures you’re taking, transformation requires just as much personal change as it does technological. Businesses have to become comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable for a little while. 

Making big changes can be scary, and failure is going to happen in some facets of the process. Changing the very foundation that your business is built on requires risk, but the returns are more than worth it. 

One way to mitigate the risk is to be prepared. Many businesses new to digital transformation experience similar pitfalls that can be avoided:


  •  Don’t dismiss the idea of digital transformation just because you aren’t sure where to start. When you undertake a digital transformation, you are completely remodeling your processes, strategies, and services in order to make the customer service experience efficient and effective. You are bringing in new technology, from computers to the networks that power them. It might require rebuilding a website, learning new code, investing in cybersecurity measures beyond what you’ve ever had before. There is going to be so much to learn about that it can get overwhelming very quickly. Pace yourself, do some research, and don’t give up before you’ve even tried. 




  • Don’t jump in with both feet… at least at first. Digital transformation requires a lot of time and a lot of money. While you may be eager to bring new technology into your business, you don’t have to bring in all of it at once. Do your research and figure out what tech is going to play a strategic role in growing your company. Overinvesting in the beginning can drain your budget before you have an idea of the full scope of your transformation. 




  • Don’t compare your success to other people’s. Every digital transformation is going to look different because it completely depends on the needs of your demographic of customers. Those in auto sales aren’t going to need the same technology as a tutoring facility. Comparing your growth could lead to you focusing on the wrong things and be detrimental to progress. Stay aligned with the specific needs of your business. 




  • Don’t leave your business unprotected. New technologies require new, more powerful security. One downfall of moving from analog to digital business is that it opens the doors to hackers, malware, and fraud. You need security that matches your needs, not a cookie-cutter option with a budget price. While it might save you money in the short-term, long-term consequences could include data breaches, network infiltration, or worse. Keep your digital transformation and your business running smoothly with Verus Corp’s range of services. From cloud solutions to network migration, we can help your business in its journey to digital success.  



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