Are There Cisco Distributors in My Area?

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Verus has forged strong partnerships with technology leaders in a variety of categories, including firewalls, servers, switches and routers, wireless solutions, multi-factor authentication, anti-virus, storage and backup. We seek out “best of the breed” options for our clients, and train thoroughly in their successful implementation. We seek out the products that are going to fulfill the needs of our clients holistically and effectively, and the products offered by Cisco have proven themselves time and again.

Cisco creates products that help the world stay connected. They are the worldwide leader in networking, bringing forward technology that has been changing the way that people communicate and collaborate for over thirty years.

Are you still searching around for a Cisco distributor in your area? At Verus Corp, we can provide you with the products and knowledge you need to successfully deploy Cisco Technology. As Cisco Select Partners, we have proven our breadth of knowledge across all Cisco technologies, specializing in small-medium business core network certification.

The Verus Corp Difference

Verus was founded on the notion that meeting customer needs should be the primary goal. With a focus on realistic network solutions, supported by partnerships with some of the world leaders in the information technology field, we offer customers so much more than the cookie-cutter approach to solving your network problems.

We thrive in our role as problem solvers, constantly seeking bigger and better ways to offer our clients exactly the products and services they need, without forcing them to pay for more than they bargained for. Simply put, we are passionate about making networking security, colocation, migration, and hosting available to any business that is serious about staying connected.

Despite the fact that Verus is “agnostic” and not tied to any particular solution, we have forged strong relationships with vendors over the years. Cisco, along with a number of other partners, trusts us to implement their solutions with fidelity. If you are still seeking the personal approach of a smaller distributor with the resources of a leader in networking, give Verus Corp a try.


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