Cisco VideoGuard Monitor: End to End Protection for Video Sharing

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IP video traffic is on the rise, and in a big way. According to our partner Cisco’s Virtual Networking Index, 82% of global IP traffic will be video by the year 2021. With that considerable increase in video services comes the need to protect your video content. That’s where Cisco VideoGuard Monitor comes into play.

What is Cisco VideoGuard Monitor?

As cyber threats and attacks continue to mount, it’s absolutely integral to the success of your business to protect your assets. The Cisco VideoGuard Monitor works tirelessly to provide three primary services:

  • Secure broadcast distribution by implementing top of the line conditional access protocols. In fact, Cisco service has proven so effective, it is trusted by industry leaders to protect their video content.
  • Secure over-the-top distribution on any device. The Cisco VideoGuard Monitor incorporates device, application, and system security measures into one all-encompassing program.
  • Address online piracy by protecting your content investment. The Cisco system provides continuous monitoring of unauthorized video access, as well as piracy detection and timely responses to potential attacks.

What are the Benefits of This Service?

Cisco VideoGuard Monitor provides three distinct sectors of service to meet all your content-protection needs. Utilizing their system allows you to:

Give your customers premium content in a manner that protects your revenues and your business from piracy threats

  1. Protect your content across all devices
  2. Scale your protection along with the growth of your business
  3. A huge benefit is your ability to transition to cloud-based storage for your video content confidently. Cisco’s cutting-edge cloud storage system and network security protocols protect your infrastructure and your ability to continue running your business in the most profitable manner possible.

There’s a reason why Verus Corp is proud to partner with Cisco. Their dedication to providing state of the art technology solutions that grow with your business reflects Verus Corp’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. If you’re interested in finding out more about our partnership or beginning service with Cisco, get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you protect your company through managed IT services.

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