EMC ESRS: Is It Keeping You Safe?

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Sometimes it can be hard to know if the products that you use to keep your data, information, and privacy secure are actually getting the job done. Understanding exactly how a product works is the first step in ensuring your continued safety. Let’s take a look at the EMC ESRS, its features, and what its job is.

What Does EMC ESRS Mean?

EMC ESRS stands for “EMC Secure Remote Services.” For that reason, it’s typically only referred to as ESRS. This program works with your EMC cloud storage system to monitor and correct issues that may arise while you’re using the associated products.

What Does ESRS Do?

This system creates a secure connection between your product and the EMC customer service team. It plays multiple roles in maintaining your security and comes standard with EMC services:

  1. It remains connected at all times and sends the automatic notification to the customer service team if a problem, whether with hardware, software, or security, is detected.
  2. When a problem does arise, the connection is used to allow a representative to connect to your service and diagnose or repair issues remotely.
  3. It allows for the escalation team to contact you quickly if the problem is not solvable through the remote connection.
  4. ESRS is also connected to the Predictive Analytics server to help create more intelligent solutions and provide better services in the future.

How Does ESRS Keep My Data Safe?

The secure connection is not only monitored continuously, but it also incorporates authentication measures to further its capabilities. It does so by bringing features such as dynamic logins (on the customer service side) and two-factor authentication to the table.

Of course, no program is perfect. While extensive measures have been taken to ensure the security of your data with the ESRS system, there’s no accounting for human error or advances in malicious cyber attacks.

That’s where Verus Corp comes in. We partner with Tegile, a company that we can guarantee will protect sensitive data and work for you effectively and holistically. Verus Corp and our partners stay up-to-the-minute in the field of cybersecurity, putting countless working hours into continually improving our ability to detect, prevent, and predict threats. With smart cloud storage and an impeccable record of client satisfaction, you can rest assured that your data is safely secured and always protected.


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