What Hosted Firewall Solutions are Right for Your Business?

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You’ve probably heard of firewalls. It’s a virtual blockade that stops harmful attacks and communications from entering your network while allowing you to continue outputting network communication. Firewalls are your first line of defense for keeping your hardware, software, and information safe. Using it effectively and analyzing the data it provides can be very time intensive, though. That’s where hosted firewall solutions come in.

When something tries to slip through your firewall, the program keeps a record of who, what, and where the attempted access came from. This could be anything from blocking incoming malicious attacks to prohibiting certain kinds of websites. Understanding, categorizing, and creating rules for this data is incredibly involved and often requires a specialized department to take on the task.

When you work with a firewall management service, an expert will monitor your firewall for you, tracking security threats and reporting back to you with any suspicious activity. Most companies have a range of hosted firewall solutions to choose from. Some include:

  1. Web content blocking for increased productivity. Your service provider will work with you to pinpoint content that leads to decreased productivity, including streaming sites and file sharing.
  2. Timely reports and real-time management of your firewall. You know when threats have attempted to break through your line of defense and what your firewall provider has done in response.
  3. Anti-virus programs that act as an additional defense against malware.
  4. Technical support and installation services, so that you are covered if anything goes wrong.
  5. Updates and maintenance that keep your firewall in good, working order.
  6. Help and recovery efforts in the event of crashes, outages, and breaches. Experts in hosted firewall solutions will help you get back to work faster following a setback.

Verus Corp offers several hosted firewall solution options for your company, dependent upon your individual needs and budget. Historically, we’ve worked with top names, like WatchGuard and Cisco,to create a custom firewall service that fits the unique needs of each, individual client. We want to protect you from the ever-looming threat of malicious attacks and cyber warfare. Read more about what we can do to keep you safe.


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