Finding Data Center Solutions for Your Business

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When you think about your ideal data center, what does it look like? Is it in your facility or off? Is it managed in-house or outsourced? Perhaps most importantly, is it cloud-based or physical storage? Finding your ideal data center solutions can ease the burden that data management brings to every business’ table.

Finding Data Center Solutions

The first step in creating the data center that works best with your business is understanding all the options you have in front of you. The only real limitation is your budget. Also in play is consideration of the types of data that you store, how many applications you host, and the amount of IT staff that you have on hand.

The main decision that you’re going to make is whether you want to host your own data center or if you want to allow an external, internet-facing data center to host.

In-House Data Centers

Enterprise data centers are those stored within the same facility that the business is housed in. In-house hosting is most appropriate for businesses that maintain private or confidential data, or for those that use many applications, programs, and software.

If the data center is in-house, the onus of responsibility for cooling, powering, and maintaining proper humidity standards rests solely on the company that owns the data. That also means that physically securing all hardware and infrastructure may incur additional costs. Common, necessary infrastructure for this facility would include:

  1. Environmental controls, such as computer room air conditioners, exhaust and ventilation systems.  
  2. Uninterruptible power sources, such as generators and battery banks.
  3. Security solutions, such as cameras, around-the-clock surveillance, and entry systems.

External Data Centers

The other option for facility would be outsourcing to a data center that hosts multiple businesses. These are often called “internet-facing” data center solutions, as they are cloud supported and browser-based. In this situation, the physical data center, as in the one that hosts the servers and firewalls, is outside of the facility and supported by staff outside of your business.

In such a case, the responsibility and cost is reduced for you, due to the lack of physical infrastructure and security you have to invest in. It’s the better solution for small businesses or for those who have a large amount of users working on browser-based applications only.

When designing your ideal data center solutions, keep Verus Corp in mind. We have nearly 20 years of  experience helping business owners just like you find the IT architecture that fits their goals.

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