Next Gen Security: What’s Coming Next?

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The world of cyber technology is changing at breakneck speeds, prompting the need for next gen cybersecurity solutions more so than ever before. Sometimes, it seems that the moment we have access to an incredible piece of technology, someone finds a way to exploit it. This is why working with cybersecurity firms that understand the ever changing world of information technology and network safety is critical to the continuing success of your business.

When we look towards the future of next gen security, some of major topics that are going to come up include the internet of things (IOT), prioritization of data as more data is created, and using AI to the client’s advantage.

Next gen security must be hyper focused on the internet of things. Just last December, Amazon came under fire for recording over 1,800 hours of sounds in someone’s home, then sending these files to the wrong person. In that particular case, the breach of privacy was unintentional, but hackers are constantly seeking ways to gain access to your personal and professional information. In the 2018 Cybersecurity and Business Risk Survey, 70% of respondents said that they had experienced a data breach since 2016. Additionally, 85% of those respondents had experienced multiple data breaches. If it’s as easy as hacking into someone’s personal home assistant, next gen cybersecurity has to find ways to keep pace with the increasing tenacity of data thieves.

Next gen security systems will help prioritize their client’s security protocols. With every additional technology introduced to the world comes more vulnerabilities. Consider the data that you already have and begin to parse out the most important parts. If there was a breach event, what data would be the most critical to the viability of your company? Cybersecurity companies are also going to seek out more assistance on the client side to identify these factors, then put in the work to protect them.

Next gen security systems will use AI to the client’s advantage. Hackers often use bots to pray on missed vulnerabilities in a network. Sometimes, hackers will create entire networks of computers infected with bots, called botnets, to push forward with widespread destruction. Fortunately, cybersecurity can use the same technology to help keep an “eye” on anomalies and vulnerabilities in your current cybersecurity protocols. Using bots, cybersecurity firms can scan your networks constantly with AI technology, which will then alert them to new or developing attempts to corrupt your network. This allows the experts to spend more time creating solutions to problems before they happen, and less time physically monitoring network


Verus Corp has always been at the cutting edge of advancements in information technology and cybersecurity.  In today’s IT environment, many service providers prefer forcing you into an “all-you-can-eat” option even when it doesn’t match your needs. We know that the future of IT depends on personalized options that fit the individuals needs of the client. Verus is next gen security available today.

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