Simplivity vs. Nutanix: Hyperconvergence as an IT Solution

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Hyperconvergence isn’t new, but it is getting better. This system of IT solutions seeks to converge together everything that your business keeps in the virtual environment together into an easy-to-manage package that reduces bandwidth demands and time spent organizing, deduplicating, and sorting through data. The question of “Who comes out on top when it comes to Simplivity vs. Nutanix?” is commonly asked when integrating hyperconvergence platforms.

There are 5 major benefits to any hyperconvergence package or program that you choose. Those are:

  1. Creates more streamlined data efficiency by reducing bandwidth and storage demands.
  2. Increasing cost-savings through models that help eliminate wasted resources on unnecessary storage and data handling programs.
  3. Flexibility and the ease of scaling the program according to the demands of your business.
  4. Data protection in the event of data loss or corruption.
  5. A focus on the virtual machine as the lynchpin of efficiency and the ability to make that virtual machine more mobile.

When it comes down to choosing which hyperconvergence program to bring into your enterprise IT management strategy, it comes down to what you’re looking for. There really is no question of “Simplivity vs. Nutanix” because each solutions has proven itself a powerful contender. The needs of the individual business and personal preference should be used to make the choice.


Nutanix offers a huge package of features, more than any other hyperconvergence platform available on the market. They cover everything from storage to security. A few major points are:

  • An increase of storage size up to 4x through powerful compression
  • Near-zero performance impact when working with snapshots and clones
  • Flash storage
  • Flexible block sizes, ranging from 512 bytes to 1 MB
  • Enterprise-grade backups
  • Intuitive storage software with accessible file recovery options
  • Built-in cloud capabilities
  • Non-disruptive, zero-touch upgrade of Nutanix OS, hypervisor and firmware



SimpliVity, a Hewlett-Packard company and CRN’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure Product of the Year, offers many of the same features that Nutanix does:

  • The Hypervisor platform allows you to scale your data center devices by 10:1, which increases cost efficiency and productivity
  • Built-in, end-to-end data protection that reduces bandwidth and increases virtual machine recovery points
  • Access to more virtual desktops on less hardware, with the ability to add new nodes when new desktop systems are implemented
  • Clone new VMs in 3 clicks or less
  • An all flash-storage solution that costs 20% less than competitors

Need help choosing the IT enterprise management solution that fits best with your current workload and data needs? We will work with whatever technologies best serve our customers – the best of breed partners that Verus uses trust us to implement their technologies successfully.

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