Top Challenges of Working Remotely [Infographic]

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The majority of full-time employees in the US are now working remotely for some portion of their workweek. We’ve discussed many of the IT challenges businesses faced in this shift to remote work including securing home Wi-Fi, setting up a VPN, and improving off-site security. But once the technical hurdles enabling work-from-anywhere are overcome, challenges to the new work environment still remain. New data from a survey conducted by OWL Labs outlines those challenges in the infographic below.

Additional statistics and trends from the survey include:

  1. Almost 70% of full-time workers in the U.S are working from home during COVID-19
  2. 1 in 2 people won’t return to jobs that don’t offer remote work after COVID-19
  3. 77% of respondents agree that after COVID-19, being able to work from home (WFH) would make them happier
  4. 75% of people are the same or more productive during COVID-19 while working from home
  5. In 2020, people are using video meetings 50% more than pre-COVID-19
  6. 1 in 2 people would move if they were able to WFH all or most of the time
  7. Working remotely saves 40 minutes daily on commute
  8. In 2020 after COVID-19, 80% expect to work from home at least 3x/week
  9. 1 in 5 people report working more during COVID-19
  10. Only 20-25% of companies pay or share the cost of home office equipment, furniture, cable, chair

There’s no question technology has evolved to save millions of jobs in enabling work from anywhere during the pandemic. Now we will continue to learn how the employee/employer relationship along with work itself has changed and will continue to change over time. Maintaining productivity, creativity and human connection in this new reality are a few of the challenges tomorrow’s leading companies will likely overcome.

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