WatchGuard Careers for Those with a Passion for Innovation

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Do you dream of a career where your passion for innovation and your calling to help people can combine into one? Do you thrive in environments that value collaboration, fun, and accountability? If that applies, working in one of the many WatchGuard careers available might be the right choice for you.

What is WatchGuard?

WatchGuard has been leading the way in cutting-edge cybersecurity for over 20 years. With product offerings such as network security, secure Wi-Fi, and multi-factor authentication, we enable over 80,000 small and mid-size businesses to protect their data and assets.

The company has won numerous awards, ranging from the Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award in 2018 to the New Product Innovation Award, presented by Frost & Sullivan, in 2015. That should come as no surprise, as their commitment to quality and creative cybersecurity solutions are bar none.

From their headquarters in Seattle, Washington, WatchGuard works with businesses around the globe. Currently, you can find offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. That presents a world of opportunities for those seeking WatchGuard careers.

What Makes WatchGuard a Great Place to Work

Jenna Katich, a Product Marketing Specialist, had this to say about her career:

“I’ve had previous jobs that I’ve loved, but working at WatchGuard redefined my view of what makes a company great. I can say whole-heartedly that my role on the Marketing team at WatchGuard is the most exciting, challenging, and ultimately rewarding work I’ve ever done. Working with colleagues I admire, promoting a company I truly believe in? It doesn’t get better than that.”

At Verus Corp, we are partnered with WatchGuard to bring you best-in-class security. We work together to accomplish a joint mission: providing the smartest security in the simplest way. With products and services like the Firebox network security appliance and AuthPoint Cloud Management, you can rest assured the clients you work with throughout your career with WatchGuard are receiving quality service and expert advice.


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