WatchGuard Internet Security Insights Q1, 2024

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The latest security analysis from WatchGuard Threat Labs is out! Download the full report and checkout the highlights and infographic below.

  • Network-based malware detections dropped by 49% compared to Q4 2023, while endpoint malware detections increased by over 75%.
  • Malware hiding behind encryption (TLS) increased to 69% in Q1, emphasizing the need to decrypt HTTPS web traffic.
  • Zero-day malware (malware that evades signature-based detection) dropped to 36% of all malware, an unusually low number.
  • The Pandoraspear botnet targeting smart TVs and a new Mirai variant targeting TP-Link devices were among the most widespread threats.
  • Network attacks increased 13% quarter-over-quarter but are still down year-over-year. An HAProxy vulnerability was a top network attack.
  • Endpoint ransomware attacks decreased by about 23%, likely due to law enforcement takedown efforts.
  • Chromium-based browsers were responsible for 78% of malware originating from web browser attacks.
  • Malicious PowerShell and JavaScript scripts declined as malware delivery methods while Windows binaries increased.

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