What Can a Managed Service Provider Do For You?

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In today’s fast-paced, digital world, there’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to managing your IT needs. From compliance regulations to keeping networks online, it’s often more than a business can handle, especially when the cost of working with an individual provider starts adding up. That’s when managed service providers, or MSPs, become a necessity. 

A Managed Service Provider’s Role

The different roles that an MSP plays runs the gamut from prevention to education. 

First and foremost, your MSP will work to keep your network running smoothly before a catastrophe occurs. With a managed service provider, you can always trust that sophisticated monitoring equipment is working 24/7 to make sure that your network stays online.  

Downtime has the potential to cost your company thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. One study by Gartner estimates the average cost to be a massive $5,600 per minute. A few hours offline can make or break your business. This is especially true if you have long standing customers who rely on your network to place orders or there’s potential to lose critical data in the event of network failure. 

Your MSP should also strive to educate you and your staff about IT practices that benefit both the business and the customers who rely on it. They will provide your staff with training on any SaaS, Paas, and IaaS systems you may have in place, as these services can be complicated to implement correctly. They may also offer trainings on password security, MFA, and proper data handling techniques. 

Do You Need an MSP?

Still wondering whether or not a managed service provider is worth the investment? Check out these reasons why they are the right choice for any business:

  1. They are experts in IT. Unless your business is IT-based, you’re more than likely an expert in a field outside of network services. Leaving the lion’s share of network help in the hands of people who understand how to create efficient systems is going to take the pressure away from people in the business who don’t consider themselves IT aficionados.
  2. MSPs can help you stay ahead of the technology curve. Like any professional, managed service providers spend a lot of their time learning about their field. You can rest assured that any new advancements that enhance the safety and reliability of your network are going to passed onto you once your MSP is able to successfully implement the technology. 
  3. Managed service providers have a whole team of IT staff supporting them. If one of them is out of the building for the day, there is a slew of other people who would be able to assist you with your problem. With an individual provider, your network is at the mercy of their schedule. After hours and weekends may be a no-go in terms of service calls, which leaves you responsible for your network until they can come in and fix the problem.

Verus Corp for All of Your MSP Needs

Verus has designed and installed over 500 networks, ranging from five users to large data centers with 5,000 users. We’ve also worked with virtualization technologies since we began. This helps us understand which cloud type (public, private, or hybrid) or traditional IT system best meets your needs.

Over 80% of our clients switched from another outsourced network infrastructure provider to us. We focus exclusively on installing and managing network infrastructure and are “agnostic” on how connectivity is achieved or where data is stored. This means we can accommodate migrations to any environment that meets your business needs.

Get in touch with Verus today to learn more about our role as an MSP, and how we can help your business avoid the pitfalls of typical IT services. 


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