50 Largest Data Breaches by Sector

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In today’s work-from-anywhere technology-reliant environment, data breaches have become an unfortunate reality and cost of doing business in today’s world. Social engineering attacks, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats are all part of this new reality. Defending against attacks requires awareness, response plans, and advanced defenses.

A data breach is an incident where protect information is copied, stolen, or exposed to an unauthorized person. The largest data breach in history was the LinkedIn breach of 2021 in which 700 million records were stolen. The visual below from Visual Capitalist highlights the top 50 known data breaches from 2004-2021.

The web sector was the most impacted with 9.9bn records compromised. The tech and finance sectors were also severely impacted losing 1.6bn and 2.0bn records respectively.


Cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise and will likely continue interfering with commerce as businesses fail to protect themselves and attackers get paid ransom. Every business needs to test its backups and develop a plan for prioritizing the restoration of critical systems and rebuilding its network. In some cases, a breach response plan may include driving to an off-site backup location and physically grabbing a backup. When backups are large, shipping them can become the fastest data transfer rate. If you aren’t confident in your backup plan and breach response plan, contact us so you aren’t the next victim funding the attacks.

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