Cisco Services and Verus Corp: A Partnership Built on Security

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Peanut butter and jelly. Thelma and Louise. Cisco services and Verus Corp. Some things just naturally work beautifully together. We choose Cisco for many of the services that we provide to our clients because the company has proven time and again to be at the cutting-edge of IT solutions.

IT Security

Since the day of Verus Corp’s inception, we have been fully committed to IT security. We favor a holistic approach, one in which we work with our clients to understand the whole story of their security needs. We offer products to protect your data, then help you maintain that equipment with regular Security Audits.

Verus designs, implements and supports networks that meet the highest standards for security, a feat made possible with Cisco services.

LANs and WANs

Verus Corp provides both LAN and WAN services, from the design of the network to the monitoring and analysis in our data center. Using Cisco routers, we form the backbone of your network. From there, we provide the quality service you need to keep your business productive and efficient.

This dedication to keeping your business online contributed to our company being named the first Cisco Select Partner in the Midwest specializing in small-medium business core network certification. We can deliver value-added Cisco solutions, along with our technical expertise.


The choice to virtualize your company is a huge one, but the benefits you reap are worth the effort. Although it requires careful planning and the experience of experts, it allows you to focus on virtual resources and their safe storage.

Simply put, most companies don’t have the IT knowledge or experience to understand, plan, and properly implement a system for virtualization. That’s why Verus Corp uses trusted Cisco servers to establish a virtualized workspace. We’ve helped hundreds of clients make the transition to a more secure and more efficient way of storing data.

Verus Corp is proud to partner with Cisco to bring our customers exactly what they need when they need it. There is no “cookie-cutter” approach to IT when it comes to Cisco services and Verus Corp. Instead, you can expect a personalized IT plan that addresses your concerns and is designed in response to real threats or issues that your company experiences


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