Cybersecurity Basics for Securing Your Business

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If you don’t spend every day in the IT trenches as we do, keeping up with the latest security threats, technologies, and protocols can seem overwhelming. Getting up to speed on cloud firewalls, free VPNs, insider threats, and hardware-bound authentication is enough to keep anyone busy without even getting into zero-trust security, malware, and MFA prompt bombing. Luckily, WatchGuard recently hosted a webinar to cover the basics including security terms, strategies, and best practices to help businesses implement strong security in their organizations. The goal is to create a risk-free business environment for partners, employees, vendors, and stakeholders. The webinar covers key concepts and terms related to today’s cybersecurity ecosystem. You’ll get an overview of the current threat landscape and learn about vulnerabilities and the strategies to secure your workforce. So sit back, enjoy, and take a step towards keeping your business secure.

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